Daily Login Bonuses

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For each day you login to the game, you will see a chart before the title page with various reward icons, one of them being selected as your reward for the daily log in. As you login consecutive days, the selected icon will progress further in the chart, showing your progress in addition to a new reward.

Keep in mind, this login bonus operates on a monthly basis, and therefore is reset at the beginning of each month. Reap those benefits and enjoy the game!

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    Michael Balingao

    i've beed logged in for almost a week now and i'm pleased to play angel stone, but yesterday when i logged in in my account, the daily login bonus restarted even its not yet 12midnight of the last day of the month. and now i'm glum right now because it says in your website that login bonus restarts every end of the month. can you fill me up with this. thank you.

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    Paraiso B. Jhemar

    How can I login my old account like Facebook acc. Please respond.


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