The game doesn't play well on my device, what can I do?!

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For specific issues, feel free to let us know here - Angel Stone Official Forum

Also try to lower graphic options via selecting the 'Options Gear' from the main lobby and changing Graphics/Resolution/FBS to lower settings, and turning off 'Haze Effect'.

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    Daryl Allen Francisco

    I've encountered refreshing player data now. Please try again later, this text appears when I'm trying to do any of the acts. Bosses stages and battle zone are doing well. Please fix this bug as others are encountering too.

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    Nguyễn Duy Khánh

    Me and many people from Vietnam (system always me to Vietnamese chat room, so i don't know anyone in other legion got this bug) Currently, my character can't move on Desert of Chaos (DoC), but when i touch to move around, i've seen her being hit by the mob, lose HP, but she just stand there, after i touch the come back crystal a bit (no effect or come back channeling animation), they sent me out like normal, with result like normal, not fail @@ I think my character can move and fight in there, but however everything i could see is she just stand there. I've try on both my ipad air 2 and on FB is just the same @@ I think is really a big bug. Just got this bug since yesterday, i can go to DoC normal at friday, last week, today is monday and i still can't play the DoC, everything like campaign, boss raid, normal.

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    Ruel Francis Naval

    I've played it for a while and when I try to play it again it won't start. I've alreadytried reintalling and formatting my phone but it doesn't work.

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    Erik Tanzil

    I've played dungeon in mission 2 and I got freeze in the middle of it. I tried to re-open it but i got stuck at the loading screen. My gadget is Asus ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML) lollipop ty b4

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    Михаил Пластинин

    Same problem in dungeon in mission 2 freez in the middle (lenovo 830l) lollipop

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    Quincy Cameron

    it not work on my ipod touch 5gen

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    Andi Chai

    my phone is asus zenfone 5 ROM 16GB RAM 2 GB, not used more than 50% of my RAM, but when i play i always stuck, cant move, all stop, hang or whatever it is.. and my mobile data signal is very good.

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    fc on galaxy s5 rooted stock rom deodexed

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    Hi everyone,

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