How to link my account to other devices?

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You can link your account to play via multiple devices by going to Settings > Account Link.



Please follow the steps below:

1) Launch Angel Stone on your device and the other device you want to link

    as well.

2) Go to Setting and hit "Account Link" on the left

3) Hit the "Issue Code" button.

4) A code will be generated (valid for 5 minutes)

5) Type the code on another device at the login page within 5 minutes

* Please do not share the code with others


After these steps, you will be able to play Angel Stone on multiple devices with one account!

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    diether yu

    Hi fincon

    Can i ask for assistance?
    because i cannot access my acc at angel stone

    Ign. Saint.Preux

    When i opened the game here in my phone it failed to authenticate then
    it moved to login with google acc. With facebook and guest login so i choosed the guest login for hoping that i am correct with that move then i was shocked because my character wasnt there and it moved to create a new character eventhough i have an existing character ... please help :(

    Thank you for your kind consideration
    resistance arise!
    God bless


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